Dvrocx Control Ocx

Dvrocx Control Ocx

Unplug the DVR before replacing battery or you may be subjected to severe electrical shock. User Manual Chapter 8. 6 Front Panel 7.

Error “ Windows has blocked this software because it cannot verify the publisher ” when you try to access a website which tries to install addons or run executables like installation CAB files.

Recordings Alarm Supports HDD video input alarm management and external alarm signal inputs?

By default Internet Explorer disable running unsigned ActiveX controls.

Click on the Security Tab, please ensure that you have the above to what it was before, as I said earlier, then on Custom Level.

Click on Tools, in the dropdown Box Click on Internet option!

If you are sure that the website is a trusted one then you can temporarily disable this security feature to get the website run the required ActiveX and later on re-enable the security, this is an important security measure on the Internet Explorer browser.

The standard lithium cell 8v battery located on the mother board should be replaced if the time clock does not hold its time after the power is turned off.

CONTENTS Safety Instructions. You should now be able to run the ActiveX control on the website. DVR Installation. 6 DVR Front Panel Only for reference Key title Item Type Marks Function /Indicator When the Red indicator flashes it means the hard drive HDD indicator Indicator is being read or written to. 7 Rear Panel. User Manual Chapter 7. 6 66-CH DVR Rear Panel.